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Lady Gaga's 8-Inch Platform Heels Look Really Hard to Walk In

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Lady Gaga is collaborating with the one and only Dom Pérignon, hosting a star-studded event in Los Angeles on Thursday night. For the evening's celebrations, Gaga chose to dress in all-black, effortlessly marrying two of her well-known fashion eras for a style renaissance. The "House of Gucci" actress is well known for her sartorial point of view, having oscillated between the over-the-top meat-dress era and a more casual, grungy persona over the past decade. This week, however, she fell comfortably in the middle, choosing an elegant black velvet gown that boasted a statement-making off-the-shoulder bow necklace crafted of black satin. To keep it casual and slightly '90s-inspired, the star slipped into a pair of ripped fishnet tights and black leather elbow-length gloves, rocking a pair of sky-high platform stilettos that harken back to the 2000s. číst dál